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Studio 2 is one of our flagship studios with a full infinity cove, boasting a large working area including a private changing room, hair and makeup area, and mezzanine level with mini bar and meeting/work desk. Perfect for large shoots, green screens, set builds and events, Studio 2 joins directly to Studios 1, 3 and 4.

Key Features

  • Ground floor 

  • Drive in access

  • 1st floor hair and make- up and dressing room

  • 1st floor mezzanine with mini fridge

  • Wifi

  • Bose Smart Speaker

  • 1 x 63amp power supply (single phase)

  • Included with studio: Distribution box (on request), 4 x poly boards and stands, , 3 x rails and hangers, iron and ironing board. 

  • Can join directly with Studios 1, 2 and 4.

  • Cove width: 9m

  • Cove depth: 5.9m

  • Cove height: lowest point - 2.8m. highest point - 3.8m

  • 2650 square feet

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